How to register yor car

Written by Lars Hegenbart. Posted in Help / FAQ

Here is a brief description of how to register a vehicle: 

1) First, you must register as a user of our website. How it works is here: Link (German).

2) Then log on to the website under "Member Login Position". 

3) A menu appears on the left with the entry "New register entry".

4) Complete the form. Fields marked with an asterisk are required. 

  A) Name: You may give your car a fancy name, e.g. Mario's Oil Burner, Bruno's Eta, Hugo's Shark, etc. 

  B) Type: Note that the previously separated registers for E12 and E28 are now combined. Be careful not to confuse the E12 520i with the E28 520i. 

  C) Images: One or more images can be uploaded up to a size of 512 kB. Instructions for uploading pictures can be found here (German). Note: If your browser is experiencing any problems, please let us know which operating system and browser you are using (version number).

7) When you are done with the details, please submit the details with "Submit Item" to us. The registrars now check the vehicle to be set and then release it. We apologize for the inconvenience. So please do not lose patience. We will check the details carefully.

8) After releasing our registrar, your vehicle is online. You can now add more images yourself, make changes, add more description text, and more. To do this, go to entry changes.

9) You can also register and manage multiple vehicles.

10) Only basic data of your vehicle will be visible to the public. Your name, address, vehicle number, registration number and e-mail are only visible for registered users.

11) Rules for publication with which you agree:

  A) Nonsense items are deleted.

  B) Items with missing e-mail (because communication is not possible) will be deleted.

  C) The VIN should be given correctly and completely (VIN-check can be found here:

  D) The indication of the number plate / mark is desired.

  E) The address data are also expressly requested.



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